Littlun’s Gingerbread Train

My sister sent me a brilliant parcel, granted it was about a fortnight ago, but I have been terrible at updating my blog recently!! In it was a huge range of piping nozzles that were my grandma’s, I haven’t had chance to use any of them yet, but I will do soon! Even better than that, she sent a gingerbread train for my little man. In the box were masses of sweets and icing and a whole train! I think I was just as excited as my son really!. This was stage one (we felt we should do it in stages so that it hopefully wouldn’t collapse under the weight of the sweets!)

2013-02-23 18.34.58

I have to admit we were pretty rubbish at building it! It used a keck of a lot of icing…and then we added sweets!

2013-02-24 20.07.45

I am hoping my big sis will shoy her daughter this next photo as with the train we got a letter instructing my son that he had to get me to do an icing moustache on him, which I did (with added sweets too!)

2013-02-24 20.07.13

All in all he was very proud of his train, and it tastes pretty good too. He has taken large amounts in his lunch box (I am sure much to the school’s disgust, but who cares!)

2013-02-24 20.08.06


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