Hobbit Map Cake

So, currently I am sat on the bus having dropped my son off for a weekend with his nana, what better time to update my blog!
Today I have decorated a cake for my boyfriend’s store, this weekend there is a hobbit tournament going on so it is only fitting that there should be a hobbit related cake! Having made a Hobbit Hole a couple of times, I decided to make the map from the book There and Back Again.
I have previously posted a picture of Smaug, the dragon, and today I made Hobbiton.


And iced the cake. However this cake is no normal cake, it’s a colour cake, so is brightly coloured and therefore very pretty!



I have layered these with jam and buttercream.


Then I covered with fondant icing, and piped around the base with royal icing.


I then used food colourings to paint the map on, I made some mountains from fondant and this is what I’ve ended up with!


Tomorrow, when its cut I will, no doubt, add more pictures due to the brightness of the inside of this cake!


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