Mug cakes

Tonight, I made my greatest recent baking discovery, mug cakes! They are amazing! So quick, so simple and so yummy! I made these as a quick pudding for after dinner. Covered in masses of custard, they were brilliant!


Squishy chocolate mug cake Put 1 egg, 4tbsp granulated sugar and 2tbsp cocoa powder in a mug. Mix it all together really well and then microwave for 1 minute. It ends up very much like a brownie.


Crushed Smartie mug cake


Put 1 egg, 3tbsp brown sugar, 4tbsp self raising flour, 4tbsp crushed Smarties ans 1tbsp margarine in a mug and mix well. Microwave for 2 minutes.



These are now a definite favourite in our house and I can’t wait to make more exciting recipes for pudding!


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