I do this…once every six months or so, have you noticed yet!! However, this time it’s permanent, I have come to the realisation that I have to do something that is solely for me, simply to stop me driving my husband bonkers by telling him all the stuff he doesn’t really give a monkeys about and to let me be able to look back, see what we did, how we change, grow and live.

In April I said this bunch of stuff below, most of it is still true, although, the wedding happened, my fiance became my husband and it was a truly awesome day, filled with the best people in my life! I love that my blog has evolved from being just about the cakes and bread I make to now hopefully, if I stick to it, being about my life in general!

A dress made by my wonderful mum, walking through the cobbled streets of York on the happiest day of my life!

I think the re-starting of this blog warrants a new introduction, so here we go…

I’m Alice, I’m 26, my son is amazing, (he’s now 8 and a half!), my fiance is just as great and they are what I live, love and laugh for. I spent about 25 years living in Nottingham, as much as I loved it, the move 100 miles north was one of the best things to happen to us as a family. North Yorkshire is amazing, the pace of life is slower, the people are nicer, and we seem to have acquired a handful of brilliant friends! On top of that, we get to get married in York, something I wouldn’t have thought of doing if we didn’t live close to it.

The name of my blog is a little untrue at the moment, I barely bake! However, this will change, as will the essence of the blog, I plan to use it for everything, to document our life, for me, no one else really, but if people read it, all the better!


So, when I started this blog, I was planning on using it purely to keep a record of the baking I do, however, I have now realised a few things, number 1, I love writing on my blog and number 2, if I have to bake to be able to post on here, my family is going to end up extremely unhealthy and overweight!! So I have made a decision to use this blog to keep you all, whether you care or not, up to date with my life as a 24 year old housewife and mum! So have a look here


For months I have been thinking about doing something with my cakes, other than eating them….the realisation I came to was that writing a blog would share them, record them and mean I can go back and look at what I can do!

So this is me doing it…

I’m Alice, Pud to the closest, I’m 24 and a mum of one. I bake as much as I can when I’m not cooking and cleaning etc. I make bread, cakes, puddings, anything I can.

I refuse to buy bread, it’s expensive and tasteless, and making it myself is much more fun! (Not to mention the stress-relief from kneading!) To date, I haven’t bought a bread related item in 2 months, much to my partners disgust when he comes home to a bomb site of a kitchen, the bread however makes up for this!

I make birthday cakes and celebration cakes, and cakes for the sheer hell of it! I never turn down the chance to make something new or repeats of things I’ve made before.

Here I am planning on posting everything I make….let me know what you think!

Please follow me on Twitter…just look for ltl_me thanks very much!


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20 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. You will have to help me develop something new to do with Farleys Rusks for my kiddos. I have only done a little searching, but nothing really pops out at me. Today I am going to have to Google UK. I think I might get to sit down.

      • yeah, they really are, I’d love to use them more as an ingredient. My toddler likes my flour free bars, and I hide all sorts of filling things in them! SHe’s a picky eater, and I hate to say that. My youngest 8 months eat mum-mum rice rusks. I’d just love to use the Farleys in a more interesting way. Play Iron Chef, and the secret ingredient is Farleys… GO! 🙂

  2. Great to see what you are doing Alice. You obviously take after your Grandmother. she was a great baker and icer of cakes. Have fun. Uncle Mike

  3. Hi,

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    Thank you.

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  4. Beautiful dress! It truly is personally rewarding to write and publish, among other things, your thoughts, life passions, sharing a favorite dish or something delicious from the oven. It is a challenge, however, because life does get in the way. I hope you are able to accomplish all that you wish with your blog and that you’ll discover new, creative things about yourself and your world!

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